Leeza Hooper's official website. Rainbows, Black, White, Pink rainbows.



Welcome to Leeza Hooper’s official website, primarily documenting recent work.


LH is an Italian artist, whose works first appeared on the Italian art scene during 2009.

He is known for his compositive style and his semantical approach to the compositive procedure and for his peculiar use of the whites, pinks and blacks.

During years 2009-2013 he analyzed the way elements relate each other among the compositive space, in order to find a non-explicit but meaningful way to organize them.


Actually working on canvases and larger installations.

LH’s aesthetic during the time had been influenced and aimed to develop kawaii, cute-piracy and street-art imaginary.








Site’s name I see rainbows everywhere aims to represent the subliminal balance that stands within LH’s works between a playful and a more serious approach to art.